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Uniquely Extraordinary Leadership is Possible

Abundant Life Coaching with

Zandra Robinson

 Areas of Service

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Meet Zandra

Abundant Life Coach

Perhaps, you feel stuck in a job. I want to encourage you, there are no jobs, only God assignments, and my goal is to open your mind to this concept.

As your Abundant Life Coach, I assist you in changing your mind to break through barriers that constrain your identity as a fearless woman of God and spiritual contributor. We are called to be uniquely extraordinary leaders set apart for God, standing on God's principles, Faith, Integrity, and Honor.

My Christian faith is central to who I am, and I welcome all. It's my pleasure to serve every woman, of any religion, or none, to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and allowed to form meaningful connections and develop. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Benefit from personalized 1 on 1 coaching. Identify and accelerate the development of your talents and spiritual gifts with deeper accountability, guidance, and structures to fulfill on your biggest goals in life, business,

and ministry. 

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Experience a burst of power and effectiveness when you join a community of fearless women, who desire to position themselves as authentic, driven, and spirit-filled leaders. 


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As a woman who is centred in Christ, it is important to pray over God's people. Send your request and I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers.

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Let's connect, I love meeting new people like you on social media. Maybe you have more questions or you just want to say hi, send me a DM. I want to virtually met you too. 


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It's my pleasure to be a guest on your social platform, virtual event, or in-person conference.  I speak on the following topics, but not limited to: faith, integrity, honor, spiritual development, set apart leadership, marketplace impact  and more.

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 Fashioned by the Voice of God is

The Journey to the Abundant Life 

“Blessings WOW!! Last night was amazing refreshing eye-opening & powerful. Thank you so much for the invite to join an anointing group of powerful women. I will no longer allow “me” to keep me from my purpose.” 

- Mesha Garmon

“From event to event, I find that she opens up a new level of awareness and focused spiritual development. What I get from being with her and sisters-in-Christ is the ability to be free in exploring where I am at and sharing it with loved ones. She’s definitely doing her part in fulfilling The Great Commission.”

- Olivia Green

“With the noise of the world, hearing the voice of God sometimes felt almost impossible. Prophetful Conversations led by Zandra have equipped and empowered me to listen to the Voice of God. Hearing God’s voice has powered my purpose with action vs. fear; it has been transformational.”

- Merary Simeon

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The time is now to enjoy the benefits of practical training and strategic planning to equip you as a uniquely extraordinary leader set apart for God.

Be the difference and bloom wherever God has planted you.

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Dream Maker Ministries

Master Hearing the Voice of God

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Join us for an experience like no other.

Hello Woman of God, it's Time to Soar!
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