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Dream Maker Ministries

Dream Maker Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that equips Christian businesswomen with practical training and guidance through a series of seminars and conferences, designed to activate and astutely position them as uniquely extraordinary marketplace leaders set apart for the Glory of God. 

This Prophetful Conversations

 God loves speaking to us! He shares the past, present and future and is eagerly waiting for your listening ear! 


Our monthly seminars are perfect for you if 


  • You ever struggle with balancing your logical understanding of God with the supernatural and want a lasting breakthrough of internal and external clarity. 

  • You desire an intimate journey to hear God's voice and direction for your life, business, community, and world.

  • You want to defeat internal self-sabotage and confusion about your impact in the marketplace; learn to be fearless and develop your spiritual muscle to discern what God is saying in all areas of your professional life.


Bring all your questions, hopes, and join a community of dynamic women.


In this three-hour monthly ZOOM conference series, develop the language that gives you access to boldly share what God is saying in such a way that anyone can receive.


"I just really really felt God's presence in all of this and I just know that everybody has received a special anointing"

“I am glad the events are open to being recorded for personal use because I listen to the prophetic word, especially when reminding myself of what is to come. God gives us a word. We have got to remember it and make moves accordingly.” 

- Thuy Nguyen

“First event I completely connected with GOD! Felt a heavy connection with the words spoken. When one of the ladies leading it prophesied over me she said NO MORE DELAY!   There has been no more delay in my business success. My 90 day run in business and growing my business through social media was a success.”

- Ana Carrillo


The Astuteness in Business Seminar

Experience the presence of God in this 3-day seminar, which takes place only once a year.


Surround yourself by other mentors and coaches who encourage you to dig deeper through the activation of your spiritual gifts.


 Learn to understand how God is speaking to you in your daily life. Understand how to take action when God appoints you to many missions, whether small or large.

In this culminating course, we activate your spiritual gifts through the laying on of hands, consistent with Acts chapter 14. The New Testament associates the laying on of hands with the conferral of authority or designation of a person to a position of responsibility. 


We send you out as uniquely extraordinary leaders in the marketplace set apart for the Glory of God.


Laura Salinas is a wife, business executive, and Breakthrough Lead for Dream Maker Ministries, carrying a strong deliverance anointing and is accountable for causing women to become unleashed, fully expressed in their God-given identity. Laura is also a leader at Social Dallas and a student at Trinity's School of Emerging Prophets.


Zandra is a mom, attorney,  entrepreneur,  life coach, and Prophetic Lead accountable for raising up a company of uniquely extraordinary leaders.

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Melissa Miesse is a mom, fundraising guru, soon to be Mrs. (she said Yes), and Intercession Lead for Dream Maker Ministries, where she is accountable for covering and leading women to experience the manifest presence of the Lord through prayer and deep intercession.

The Team

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